Havit G1 review: wireless headphones for sports

The most hyped wireless headphones with independent "ears" now are Apple AirPods. But other manufacturers also produce their own models, which are not far behind, but in some ways better than the apple headset. One of its competitors – the hero of this review, the Havit G1.

Havit G1 – these are Bluetooth headphones of the same type (completely wireless, with independent speakers), but with a different shape and with a slightly different set of features. They exist in two versions: the base G1, which costs about $75, and the G1W, which costs about $90. The second one features support for Qi wireless charging.

Design and features of the Havit G1

Headphones are supplied in a package with a transparent wall, which can be considered a gift. In addition to the headphones themselves and the case, the kit includes papers, a set of interchangeable rubber bands and a charging cable.

The headphones themselves are quite compact, measuring 22x28x29 mm and weighing 6 grams. The case has dimensions of 38×60×60 mm, weighs 59 grams and consists of two flaps connected by a wire. In the "marching" position, they are held together by a magnet.

Each leaf contains a headphone jack, with a pair of charging contacts. The battery, electronics and indicators are also hidden inside the case. The MicroUSB connector for charging the case is hidden under a rubber plug at the entry point of the connecting wire.

With three sets of ear pads and external rubber bands (medium on the earbuds, large and small in the box) and easy replacement, the Havit G1 can be adjusted to the anatomical features of almost any ear. As a result, they sit tightly, with the movements of the head they do not fall out.

Discomfort is possible only if you have chosen the wrong rubber bands from the kit, or if your ears are too big/small. But if so – you can choose a different diameter of the ear pads "on the side", they here have a completely standard diameter.

The headphone cases are protected from water according to the IPX5 class. This means that they are not afraid of splashing water, rain. In practice, Havit G1 can withstand short-term drops into water, but in this case it is better to dry them before use.

Features of the Havit G1

Headphones are based on speakers with a titanium diaphragm, with a diameter of 5.8 mm. It has a sensitivity in the region of 90 dB and reproduces the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The chipset supports Bluetooth 5.0 connection (compatible with older generations of BT), but does not support aptX and LDAC encoding. However, this is not a minus not specifically for Havit G1, but for almost all TWS form factor headphones (completely wireless, not interconnected in any way). The declared communication range ideally – 10 meters, in reality – around 3.