Allegro-opt company offers services for the production and application of images on optical media with the option of choosing both a ready-made design and offering your own.

Print on disks in our company:

  • differs in the high quality of drawing the image and hitting the color;
  • transmits any color palette;
  • clearly displays the smallest details;
  • performed in the shortest possible time.

CD-R - an ordinary CD-R is a thin disc made of transparent plastic (polycarbonate) with a thickness of 1.2 mm, a diameter of 120 mm, and a weight of 16 to 18 grams. The capacity of a standard CD-R is 650 MB. The polycarbonate disk has a spiral track for directing the laser beam when writing and reading information.

CD-RW - type of compact disc for multiple recording of information

DVD-R - disc format for recording with a capacity of 4.7 Gb. Information on DVD-R cannot be changed, unlike DVD-RW, which can be rewritten up to 1000 times

Layout requirements

Requirements for layouts for printing on disks

  • Layouts are accepted in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator (for PC), Adobe Photoshop formats.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Nero CoverDesigner, and the like are categorically not accepted
  • All text must be converted into a curve
  • All raster objects must be embedded in the layout, and not linked to it as external files
  • The recommended resolution for bitmap images is no less than 300dpi and no more than 600dpi
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